INDOOR AUTONOMOUS NAVIGATION – equipped with Laser SLAM and 3D camera with multiple sensor fusion technologies . 

CLOUD BASED DEPLOYMENT-  Cloud platform is used for remote navigation deployment and remote construction of maps, never have to worry about losing your preset data.

SIMPLE OPERATION INTERFACE – Customizable LCD touch screen

AUTOMATIC PATH SELECTION – Automatically plan optimal path according to delivery destination; narrow aisle passage (60CM / 24 inches)

AUTONOMOUS SCHEDULING SYSTEM – Unique autonomous scheduling system, orderly delivery to the designated location

AUTOMATIC RECHARGE – when the battery power is low, robot automatically return to charging


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 Caddybot Plato for Restaurant

CaddyBot Plato is born in France and is built to last. With its state-of-the-art sensor system, Plato has highly accurate mobility, advanced localization and environmental perception. Plato is spill-resistant with advanced shock-absorbing mechanisms and wheel suspension. Certified for 2006/42/EC Directive Machine safety, the highest industrial standard for machines and humans in the same space.  Size 21″x20″x52″.


Caddybot b5 for Restaurant

Caddy B5 robot is our best selling delivery robot with
stable operation, multi-robot collaboration, and autonomous self-driving.

Caddybot b8 for Restaurant

CaddyBot B8 is our latest and smallest robot with passage as narrow as 22″ wide.

 Caddybot b2(Bella) for Restaurant

Industry’s first dual SLAM navigation solution, multi-machine collaboration, and autonomous obstacle avoidance. With its superlative trafficability, high-precision navigation and positioning, compact environment can be easily navigated. size 22″x21″x51″.

CaddyBot b6(Ketty) for Restaurant

CaddyBot B6 features the minimalist design. The compact size and forward-leaning C-shaped body allow the robot to go through a clearance of only 22”.

CaddyBot B10 Delivery Robot

CaddyBot B10 Servi Plus hospitality robot is the perfect companion for covering large service areas, busy shifts, and big events. Whether you need help running food or bussing dishes, go bigger and serve better with Servi Plus. 21” x 23” x 48”

caddybot b3 Secured Delivery

Ideal for hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and Casinos. size 18″x22″x43″.

caddysani s2 disinfection robot

This is a 2-in-1 disinfection robot that combines spray and UV. Tank Capacity 10 liters.  Size 19.7″x19.7″x53.2″.