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Caddymaid m4 Vacuum robot

The M4/SP50 excels in picking up all types of debris, no matter how large or small. The robot is equipped with smart sensing technology and cutting-edge 3D lidar, that can recognize various types of debris on the floor and adjust its suction power accordingly. The robot is equipped with a powerful motor, with a maximum suction power of up to 25kPa. 23” x 33.4” x 41”.

Caddymaid m5 Scrubber robot

CaddyMaid M5 has undergone thorough testing and has been manufactured using the rotational molding process and well-trained components. As a result, it is capable of withstanding wear and tear, ensuring that it can operate reliably and durably over an extended period of time. 22.8” x 40.6” x 41.1”

Caddymaid m3 cleaning robot

CaddyMaid M3 Cleaning Robot features 4-in-1 versatile cleaning with sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping functions. All cleaning needs can be easily met by this one machine. Get real-time notifications for cleaning performance, such as cleaning time and cleaning area.

4-in-1 cleaning robot