Robot Helper is here

Why Robot Solution


  • Reliable helper to assist employees
  • Autonomous  self-driving and navigation 
  • Smart obstacle avoidance
  • Available 7 days a week, 24×7

Reduce cost

  • Achieve more with less
  • Cost of a robot is 3-4 month of average salary
  • Reduce accidents by eliminate staff burnout

Alleviating Headaches

  • Combat labor shortage 
  • Retain staff & reduce turnover
  • Less admin overhead 
  • Right attitude with more gratitude      

Enhancing Service

  • Entertain & engage customers
  • Spend more time creating more exciting customer experiences
  • Happy employees + happy customers = more sales & tips

Not sure if a robot is right for your business? We offer free evaluation, simply click here to answer few questions, we will present you with a recommendation.

Featured ROBOTS

Some of our top of the line service robots.

Most elegant design
CaddyBot B5
Our best selling robot
Vacuum Robot
Sweep and vacuum
CaddyMai M3
4-in-1 (sweep/vacuum/scrub/mop) robot
CaddyBot B3
Secure room delivery (Elevator ready)
Scrubber Robot
Wet scrubbing